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In Van 🚐 from Italy to the American continent🇺🇸

It was 2020 , we were still living in Mexico when we decided what our and our van Chingon’s ( that we just ordered without even seen it )  future would have been . The original project was to ship it from Antwerp ( Belgium ) to Halifax ( Canada ) at the end of April 2021 , but because all the borders were closed due to Covid-19 we had to postponed that shipment and a second one in August of the same year. When the United States re-opened their borders to tourism at the beginning of November 2021 we decided to try to ship the van as soon as possible without waiting any longer to avoid any other possible borders lockdown .

We booked the new shipment date for January 2022 but we changed the “ final “ destination from the original Halifax to Baltimore ( U.S. ) because we wanted to definitely avoid the Canadian winter and its extreme cold temperatures that we wouldn’t have enjoyed after so many years lived in the Caribbean. We will  then , as soon as Chingon will arrive in Baltimore , drive to warmer temperatures , we will go south to Florida and then cross Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and California along the Gulf of Mexico to cross the border between California and Baja California . The idea is to spend the winter’s remaining months in Baja California and  re-enter the United States in the Spring to drive north to Canada and Alaska where we are planning to spend 4 months between late spring and beginning of summer.

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