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Alessandro e Serena 🇮🇹 👫

We are an Italian couple but we spent most of our life living and working overseas.

We both always worked in the tourism industry , and we actually met 20 years ago in the Mexican Caribbean, when at that time we were working for a famous Italian Tour Operator ( R.I.P. ) scuba diving dept. Because we wanted to stay in Mexico and grow up we started our own company once again tourism related and dedicated the last 8 years of our lives to our business. Saving money for our dream project, and believe us when we say that if you want to be successful in the Caribbean you will not have that much time to enjoy the beach !!

After living almost twenty years in Mexico we are take a gap year , decide to go back to Italy and start working to the next great project : ship our campervan from Europe to the United States to travel to Canada, Alaska, United States and Mexico and eventually proceed to the American continent southernmost point , Ushuaia , in the Argentinean Patagonia

Dopo tanto mare godiamoci il fresco della montagna
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